About Us

Our enthusiasm goes far beyond creating the perfect prenatal supplement shake. Sure, we're proud of the rich nutrition, natural sweetness, and the comprehensive benefits packed into each sip.

But our real thirst? It's for life itself.

We embrace every day with a zest for the moments that truly matter. We celebrate the beauty of being authentically you, the humor in the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenting, and the journey that each day brings.

Life's too vibrant to be anything but fully hydrated in spirit!

At LuvBelly, we're not just committed to exceptional prenatal care; we're dedicated to continuously exploring the vast possibilities of nutrition and wellness.

Join us at the heart of our mission, where our thirst for life and health is unending. Welcome to LuvBelly – where there's always more to savor and explore.


What Shapes Every Sip

  • Total Transparency

    Ingredients, policies and everything in between

  • Unconditional Love

    All moms and parenting styles are always welcome

  • Quality with a Capital "Q"

    Whole, nutritious, responsibly sourced, always

  • Endless Exploration

    Whole, nutritious, responsibly sourced, always

Meet The Founders

Conceived in Costa Rica. Born in Colorado.

Valency had two miscarriages before giving birth to her first child at age 40. Pregnancy number one was a cinch, heels, no morning sickness, easy breezy.
The second pregnancy: not so much.

They were living in Costa Rica where paradise became hell with dehydration, three herniated disks with birth #2 and over 11 bed-ridden hours a day to recover.

Despite the dramatic differences between pregnancies. Valency realized her dream of a prenatal nutrition product hadn't changed.

She wanted ease, something she didn't have to think about or choke down, a non-pill something made from quality whole foods and thoughtful nutrition. That "something" didn't exist, so she invented it.

Today Valency and Erik live and work in Colorado with their two kiddos enjoying everyday adventures every day they get.

Gluten Free
Allergen Free
Plant Based Protein
Nothing Artificial