10-Day Pregnancy Smoothie Challenge

Get your daily prenatal nutrition that'll increase confidence & energy, reduce pregnancy complications & help you feel awesome!

Pregnancy Nutrition Bumped Into Easy

You're pregnant, you have enough to worry about! Spending your waking hours in anxiety ridden internet searches for the perfect prenatal foods doesn't need to be one of them. The 10-Day Pregnancy Smoothie Challenge is designed so you’ll easily get great nutrition for baby and you…



Enjoy the pregnancy specific smoothie recipes, full of flavor and nutrients to energize and support baby, body & mind.



Includes a printable shopping list to buy exactly what you need to rock your way to health.



Daily tips and tricks emailed, access to challenge leaders via email and Facebook group to help grow new habits.

Our Smoothies

Why I Host the Pregnancy Smoothie Challenge?

Hello Luv! I’m Valency (Val-n-see) Dahlen. I’m super excited as, I’m guessing, you’re here to boost your prenatal nutrition.

Whether you're a smoothie veteran or a first-timer. It’s a great to feel in-control of your health, energy, mood and weight. Smoothies have been a staple in my diet for over two decades. They’ve been one of the easiest ways for 1000’s of other mama’s and me to get those recommended fruits and veggies each day.As you blend these delicious smoothies. You’ll notice the feel-good nutrition habits forming, proving to yourself healthy habits can be

As a prenatal health and life coach I see pregnancy as a time of transformation. It’s a time where women are pulled to make better choices, to be in-tune, to see life in a new way and to create new habits that serve themselves,
in-turn serving their family.

So mama, put the drama aside. Great nutrition begins with the basics. Whole food- fruits and vegetables. NO latest fads, no fancy ingredients.

Make pregnancy nutrition easy.

Now enter the challenge and let’s do this together.

Much Luv,

Valency (Val-n-see) Dahlen

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10-Day Pregnancy Smoothie Challenge

Get your daily nutrition that'll increase confidence & energy, reduce pregnancy complications &help you feel awesome!