Here's What's In It For You.

Let's face it, you're pregnant, you have enough to worry about.

Spending your waking hours in anxiety ridden internet searches for the perfect prenatal foods doesn't need to be one of them.

The 10-Day Prenatal Smoothie Challenge is designed for you to easily get great nutrition for you and your baby.

For the next 10-days you'll blend a mix of vitamin and mineral rich whole fruits, veggies and superfoods into a delicious daily drink.

(especially if you're also wrangling a toddler or... living)

But a lot can happen in 9 months.

So, don't stress.

We've got your back.


Kathryn Keach Thanks for this challenge. It really helped me keep my nutrition up when nothing would stay down.

Reply · Message · June 19 at 4.27pm (Individual results may vary)

Misty Brown While I loved being pregnant it isn't wasn't always roses, especially with my second... And a smoothie every morning was a prefect 'easy' way to get the nutrition I need. There were days where I felt like my morning smoothie was the only thing holding me together. Morning smoothies, are my jam!

Reply · Message · August 11 at 11.33pm (Individual results may vary)

Zoya Harmon I don't know if there is a correlation, but a week after I began drinking smoothies my back and joint pain went away, I felt energized and, generally, just healthier. I also appreciate you answering my PM's as well. Thanks!

Reply · Message · September 1 at 4:01pm (Individual results may vary)

From high heels to hot and swollen

Hey! I am Val and I'm super pumped you're here!

I'm married to a hunk, a mother of two (Brody and Brielle) and I live in a suburb of Denver CO hugged up to the foothills.

Look, when I was pregnant with my second kiddo.

I was Hot, Sweaty and Swollen... AND I mean SWOLLEN.

It looked like my feet belonged on a hippo.

I was hospitalized for dehydration.

Most of all, I was Tired (with a capital T).

Plus, I was herding an elusive toddler in a country where I barely spoke the language.

I SO DESIRED an easy nutritionally packed "SOMETHING" that said.

"Hey Mama! You've got enough to worry about. This nutrition thing... I've got your back."

Sooo...with over 20 years in the health and well-ness field.

You have enough to worry about.
Make nutrition easy!

I decided to do something about it. And this is how LuvBelly was born.

It's the practice that great health can be easy and enjoyable.

So, thanks for making the 10-Day Prenatal Smoothie Challenge a part of your preggo adventure.

We're excited to share this journey with you!

Much Luv!
Val-n'-da LuvBelly Team

Your Baby IS, What You Eat!

10-Days Of Simple Smoothie Recipes That'll

- Increase Confidence & Energy

- Reduce Inflammation

- & Help You Feel Good...

That You're Giving Your Baby & Body Exactly What It Needs.

Don't stress we've got a shopping list & expert tips to help you (& baby) along the way.

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Healthy Habits Create Amazing Pregnancies

As you care for your (and baby’s) body with great nutrition you’ll start craving healthy foods more and more.

Each serving you’ll notice your health and other areas of your life begin to transform.

Some transformations will happen quickly while others may take time.

Your health means a lot to us and this world.

You’re beautiful!


Thank you!